Today, I have a special guest here with me, a person of multiple talents but gentle as the moon and fierce as a lion. Her name is Reshma Letha, a student who is currently pursuing her Master’s in English language and Literature at the Institute of English, Palayam. She likes to explore and research on diverse fields wherein presentation is a key value. She has presented three papers for two National seminars and an International seminar. She also likes to present her critical perspectives on life and literature.  She likes to write, may it be poetry or short stories, and loves to share her knowledge on mastering life based on her own experiences with others, especially children. Some of her acknowledged literary pieces include her poem, “I seek you” and short story, “Who are you?”. She loves to dance, though she has never trained before, and has received appreciation on her freestyle from a variety of audience. She completed her under graduation in English Literature from H. H. Maharajas College for Women, Trivandrum. She won prizes at college level poetry writing competitions. She also won the Miniature short story writing competition conducted by ‘MERAKI’, an inter-college fest hosted by Women’s College. She worked as an anchor for Kerala Today channel for the program “Shining Stars” for some time as well.

I myself as an Interviewer has never seen such a dynamic profile.

Being very curious about her field of expertise, I asked what was her greatest motivation to step into the paradise of literature and where her moral support lay. Without hesitation, she proclaimed that her family is her pillar of support and that she was always inspired by the little things around her. She believes from the bottom of her heart that anything and everything around you offers something new to learn and discover. She also stated on a personal note that, Robin Sharma’s writings have greatly inspired her and also the writings of Aruna Sankaranarayanan, the Director of PRAYATNA.

I became even more curious listening to her answer. I asked which path she intends to tread on in her life in the years that follow her. She replied that she wants to become a literary critic and writer she would also love to see herself as mind motivator and trainer for children.

I asked her next what she would do if things didn’t work like the way they are supposed to. She took a deep breath signifying that she was not only strong on the surface but also at heart. Her reply was as follows:

“Well, I feel that all our dreams are plausible as long as we believe in ourselves. But the end may be the reverse as life tends to be a mishap at times. I don’t have any backup plans in life. Even if I fail, I would still continue to achieve them. I don’t want to end up with something that is too disheartening for my mind to conceive.”

Remembering at that time that she is also a poet, I asked her about the poems she wrote for her college magazine particularly “I seek you” to which she replied that it was based on receptive theories in literature i.e., How a young woman thinks about her love is entirely different from a man. Her short story “Who are You?” revealed the same intentions.

I asked her about the balance between academics and her extra-curricular which is a different world in itself and also about the difficulties she faced while managing them side-by-side. She replied that it was easy for her to manage both as one between passion and responsibilities and also stated that at times, the responsibilities became her passion. She continued that she was lucky to possess a dream that was not distant from her academic life and that all her activities were a door to that creativity.

Time was running fast indeed and I had to close the words between us but I had to ask what I had in my mind all along. I asked her if she were given a chance to change one thing in her life, what would it be. I was simply impressed by her answer:

“I don’t want to change anything. If that happens I become the more ‘advantageous’ person. I want to compete and win life just as anyone. I don’t find me different from my competitors and adversaries.”

There, at that moment, I understood that the woman who sat before me is completely satisfied with her work which you don’t often see in our world and no matter what hurdles she will face in her life, she will always succeed ultimately. To conclude the interview, I asked her for some tips or words if possible to share for her readers and the students who will be in her shoes in the future. Her reply follows:

“Well, I can talk about many things on that based on my life experiences. Now, let me share that the point of conditioning the mind and body to one’s purpose of life which is the greatest challenge. Believe me, it is not a fast process. It requires time. But if it happens to ignite you at a tender age or later, it doesn’t matter for you have to strive to keep it safe from the negative energy. A good workout routine is necessary for a healthy body and a mind which will reinvigorate our dreams even if they appear hard to win.”

Thank you Reshma Letha for your precious time and I pray you all the best in your future endeavour. Last but not least, this being a content interview from the start, I would love to end it with a quote framed by our interviewee herself.

“Even if you fail for a hundred times, you will win at the last leap for you possess that dream and perseverance.”


Interviewer: Mozart Benedict (FESTFLICK)

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