Our HISTORY | from once upon a time

1st of January 2017: FestFlick comes alive as a website.

2nd of January 2017: We decide to come off odd, and piece together a team of Media Persons (the M-team) from FestFlick, across South India.

4th of January 2017: The M-team has a little over 50 passionate members.

5th of January 2017: Our team decides to be much more than a website as we happily collaborate with TECH CON’17 (that’s the technical fest put together by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment along with the Kerala Technological Congress 2017).

6th of January 2017: A code of conduct, nothing too serious, for our M-team is agreed upon, finally!

7th of January 2017: First of its kind, third party, personalised campaigns are initiated by FestFlick. TECH CON’17 seemed very pleased.

13th of January 2017: The M-team soaks in TECH CON’17 vibes through their walkthroughs and live feeds on Facebook.

17th of January 2017: Our first attempt at creating a timeless experience: the Samagra Camp Report for 2017 makes its debut. It felt nice though.

18th of January 2017: A personal story from TECH CON’17 becomes our maiden journal entry. Timeless experiences can be very casual, we realized.◾Dhishna ’17 (the technical festival of SOE, CUSAT) invites FestFlick to be the Official Media Partner. We like big events.

26th of January 2017: We push out an exclusive WhatsApp channel that broadcasts up-and-coming events. Something for everyone, all the time!

27th of January 2017: FestFlick shows its love for the kids by partnering with CREO’17 (Quiz, Idea Pitching and Science Fair competition from ISSAT).

29th of January 2017: We get over 50 subscribers on our WhatsApp channel. This is another way to share opportunities that matter.

4th of February 2017: Something new, perhaps: Official Online Partner for Yagna Dhruva 2017 (national level intercollegiate techno-arts festival at LBSITW).

4th of March 2017: Ivano Fest ’17 (the festival of Mar Ivanios College) calls us their Online Media Partner. We don’t disagree.

10th of March 2017: We join Sanskriti  ’17 (the cultural festival of MACE) as its Official Online Media Partner. It’s a busy season.

20th of April 2017: The day we became the Official Online Promoter for Dhwani ’17 (the annual cultural festival of CET). Oh yes!

6th of May 2017: We provide regular updates on events to over 200 subscribers on our WhatsApp channel. And, none of that is spam.

15th of June 2017: FestFlick goes national through our partnership with Indywood Talent Hunt 2017 (a subset with the Indywood Film Carnival at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad). Action!