Let’s have a Twilight Talk!

Thiruvananthapuram: Twilight Talks is an idea mooted by India Books Foundation.The inaugural edition of this initiative aimed at spreading the joy of poetry and diplomacy.The associate partners of the programme were AJC[Atlanta Georgia News], HYCINTH and 360 Degree a non-profit NGO of youngsters founded by Mr Gautham Ravindran. Mr Sabin Iqbal, President of India Books foundation organised the event.

The talks were conducted at YMCA hall[British Library Hall].CP Surendran the Editor in Chief of DNA newspaper recited his insightful verses from his latest anthology ‘Available Light’. Dr Shashi Tharoor MP and renowned poet Anupama Raju kickstarted ‘In poetic vein’, the first panel discussion of Twilight Talks. They  shared their reflections on the beauty and depth of thoughts in ‘Available Light’.

Poet Anupama observed that the poems of CP is ‘steeply disturbing’ giving  pain and depression. Dr Shashi Tharoor recited some significant verses of CP which captivated the audience to the core.The panel discussion touched on various topics like the significance of ‘Desire and Power’ and the search for ‘Absolute poems’.

The concluding moments of this enlightening discourse was a tribute to the deceased poet Vijayan who succumbed to Cancer. ‘He was light, He burnt furiously’ these lines from CP Surendran touched the heart of everyone and Dr Tharoor read and appreciated the intensity and life in his poems.

“Articulation is the function of literature” CP Surendran quoted these lines  of Irish poet and short story writer James Joyce and he also traveled  back to the memory lines about his life on The  Times of India and his column ‘BITCH’.He observed the dominance of women in the publishing houses and editorial rooms. The fruitful moments of this discourse gave food for thoughts to all lovers of poetry.

Author and eminent Journalists PR Kumaraswamy’s newly released book ‘Squaring the Circle: Mahatma Gandhi and Jewish National Home’ was the theme of the second session of discussion. PR Kumaraswamy is a Professor Middle Eastern Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. The panelists of this discussion were Asianet News Editor MG Radhakrishnan, Mr Nicholas Blarel from Leiden University Netherlands. Mr Arjun Hardas(India Representative of Asia Pacific Institute) was the moderator of the second session.This session focused on the Gandhian perspectives on the Jewish National Home state. MG Radhakrishnan and PR Kumaraswamy had an interesting debate on their different viewpoints on Gandhi’s mindset towards the Jewish state. The panel discussion helped in identifying  fresh  narratives  on historical observations  and rekindled the spirit of debating on various perspectives on  Zionism, Judaism, India Pakistan relations and the idea of ‘Hindustan’ with arguments and counterpoints.The session concluded with a brief interactive session in which youngsters of the city asked questions out of curiosity. Selfies and group discussions marked the conclusion of the first edition of Twilight Talk.


Photo credit: Rony M Roy, Arnab Chakma


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