Tesla’18 is an electrical summit organised by Dept. Of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Tesla’18 hosts a plethora of events showcasing the current trends in electrical technology. It will be a venue for electric, hybrid vehicle expos apart from a variety of competitions to ignite the young minds.
The summit will also be a hotspot for trending panel discussions involving the experts in Industry.
And what more, the Tesla Workshop Series provides you the opportunity to polish your skills and get ready for the industry!
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Let’s spark across the impossibilities!
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1. Ameliorate
A circuit debugging competition where you have to use your basic electronic knowledge to correct a malfunctioning circuit.

2. Robosoccer
Two team of controlled robots play a shortened game of football in a mini court.

3. Transcendence
A technical quiz.

4. Be the spark
Idea presentation competition on the topic energy conservation.

5. Wire it up
Electrical wiring competition where conditions given are realized on a wooden board.

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