The question that has been resonating in everyone’s minds is finally answered!

It’s something MORE than a fest!
It’s a celebration!
A great fusion of technology, sports,dance, literature, entertainment and what not?!!

And now, SREEVISION’17 is back with a bang and we present you with events which are interesting and much more exciting!

It is a confluence of various events like:

◆ InfoEdge(Paper presentation, Poster presentation, Hackathon,Code Zeal,E-Quiz, Designer Den,Bio Mania , Automobile Quiz)

◆ Literary Events(Picture Interpretation,Slam poetry, What do you see?,Lexicon, Debate, Sher-o-Shayari, Spell Bee, Speak up)

◆ Online Events(Photography, Dubsmash, Groupfie,Musically, Boomerang, Mannequin Challenge)

◆ Workshops(Internet of Things, Image Processing using MATLAB, 3D Designing, Embedded Systems,Workshop on dance )

◆ Mirth(Cultural Night, Short Film Contest)

◆ Olympus(Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Basketball,Table Tennis,Chess & Carroms)

◆ FunDen(Treasure Hunt, Tug of War,Non Tech Quiz, Mini Soccer,Game Show, Short Pitch)

◆ Gaming(Clash Of Mini Militia, Ludo, VR Gaming,LAN Gaming)

◆ Management Events(Idea Pitching,Sell Your Product, B-Quiz, Case Study, Add-o-Mania,Game of Startups)

◆ Feet-o-Mania(Dance Auditions, Beat Boxing, Battle of Bands)

…..And Many More Events!
Sept 11th-16th

Experience this Grandeur!!

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And Why not the Workshops?They ain’t any less! Here’s the link: Visit

We are waiting for your registrations! So don’t forget to get yourself registered!!

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