Singularity Series – Tools for an Exponential Tomorrow

After a kickoff of futuristic technologies by a global line of experts at DISRUPT KERALA 2017, the 50th edition of FAYA:80, it is now time to delve deeper. Today, the technologies are advancing exponentially, rapidly transforming age-old established patterns and processes in our world. The luxury of time we had in transfiguring computers the size of a building to the desktops, laptops and smartphones of today, cannot be expected for the next major shift in technology. The top 10 tech job profiles of today did not exist 10 years ago and today’s may not exist in another 3-5 years.

The August edition of FAYA:80 will provide rapid-fire introductions to the concept of Singularity and the exponential technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, BlockChain and next-generation computing. An understanding of these exponentials can lead to a completely different approach in solving some of the most challenging problems of our times.

The session will be equally beneficial for entrepreneurs, developers, testers, top level technical and non-technical managers and other technology enthusiasts.

Join us to explore how investing in futuristic technologies can future-proof your careers and help build the necessary mindset & skill set.

Topics Covered

  • Singularity – Why, What, How
  • Models of Trust & Trustless Systems
  • BlockChain
  • Game Theory & Financial Models
  • Artificial Intelligence – A Primer
  • Machine Learning – History & Landscape
  • Build your own BlockChain – Live Demo


  • Techbites (Speaker: Kala P., FAYA)
  • Singularity Series – Tools for an Exponential Tomorrow (Speakers: Jaydev & Hrishi)

Date & Place

  • 2nd August 2017 – 5pm at Floor of madness, FAYA.

About Speakers

The session will be led by Jaydev S. V., and Hrishi Olickel, founders of volvox.

Jaydev is a risk analyst by trade. Responsible for engineering risk assessment, he currently works on implementation and overseeing underwriting macro-scale insurance programs. He spends his spare time studying up on everything that the different potential future timelines entail and identifies as a performing philosopher.

Hrishi has done VR and Robotics work with National Geographic and FLIR Inc., Machine Learning and Blockchain Development with Anquan Capital (Fintech VC Firm in Singapore) and Dinardirham ($500 million company based in Malaysia). He has also dabbled in Genetic Algorithm based Process Automation and Game Theoretic analysis.

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  • Start Date
    August 2, 2017 5.00 PM
  • End Date
    August 2, 2017
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    FAYA, L13, Basement Floor 1, Thejaswini Building Technopark Road Kazhakuttom Thiruvananthapuram
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