No man is truly great who is great only in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the page of history. And time has beckoned to rewrite history, to unravel the superiority.

We, the IEEE SB ASIET, bring forth our event, our own creation
Izita 1.0

A mish-mash of latest end workshops, never seen before sessions, a grand opportunity to revel and network, Izita is home to stuff that would catch you by surprise. With more such elements that are in the offing, Izita is a four day ride that would leave you wanting for more at the end.

4 days, parallel workshops, invigorating sessions, surprise trip and much more on the platter, enjoy this delicacy offered by IEEE SB ASIET!


There must've been at least one instance where we thought to ourselves, 'How on earth does Google manage this?'.Coming up with millions of search results in less than a second is a big deal, no questions asked. The key to this, folks, is BIG DATA ANALYTICS.. Head over to IZITA1.0 hosted by IEEE SB ASIET and we assure you the perfect opportunity to learn more about the science of examining large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights, Big Data Analytics. Professor and researcher, Dr.L Arockiam and his team will be your guides to the world of Big Data. Come learn about the what, the why and the how of Big Data at IZITA1.0
How cool would it be if your room heated itself while raining? If your pacemaker reminded you of charging. All of this is just a step ahead with the Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi, a card sized single board computer, that plugs into computer monitor or TV and make use of standard keyboard and mice. Whereas, the Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected physical and digital objects that are accessible through the Internet. When these two super powers meet, you shouldn't miss the show.
Come over to IZITA1.0, to participate in the workshop conducted by NeoGreen Labs, a growing Electronics R&D firm in Kerala
How would you feel if you see a glowing bulb in a room attached with now wires? Isn't that interesting and filled with curiosity? Well, we have an end to your curiosity at IZITA1.0. We bring you a workshop that provides a heads up to a whole new world of powerless transfer comprising it's technologies and circuit systems. The workshop will also let you set up a hands-on wireless transfer conducted by Vishnnu V M from VGuard and Sanjay from MEPITS.
Rakesh,Chairman IEEE SB ASIET ( 9497227509 )
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