Ivano Fest 18

The abode of excellence and brilliance, seated atope the Bethany Hills, Mar Ivanios College is home to plethora of talents and vibrance.  The vibrance of this institution finds it’s perfect resonance in the Annual intercollegiate fest that it hosts, The “IvanoFest”. Mar Ivanios is the first arts college to host an intercollegiate Full College fest. It’s legacy is so profound and exuberant. The College Union of 2017-18 is getting itself and the whole college ready to host IvanoFest18 and it’s already the talk of the Town by its social and Charity works. The IvanoFest18 holds another unique record of releasing the first high-quality Vertical Video in Kerala, and that too as a Teaser preluding the fest. IvanoFest18 is getting bigger and closer.
This year we’ll be hosting a total of 37 Events which include:
1. Walk The Fashion
2. Oculto (Treasure Hunt)
3. Spot Photography
4. Koothambalam
5. Trampoline
6 Chathurangam
7. Kurukshethra (Malayalam Debate)
8. Mini Militia
9. Football
10. RJ Hunt
11. Spot Choreography
12 Short Film Fest
13. Best Management Team
14. Synchro
15. Choreo Night
16. Persona
17. Transporter Idea
18. Survival Squad
19. Fifa 18
20. Counter Strike
21. IPL Auction
22. Oru Kidukaachi Add
23.  English Debate
24. Film Quiz
25. Soap Football
26. Welcome to Ooty Nice to Meet You.
27. Voice Of Ivano
28. Unplugged
29. Parakaayam (Best actor/actress)
30. Cricket
31. County Cricket
32. Escape Room
33. Grafitti
34. Minute to Win it
35. Nasik Dhol
36. Chendamelam
37. B-Boy Battle.
The College Union will update you about the Events in detail in near future.
Fest co ordinator : Vipin V P
Ivano Fest 2018 | Event List | March Revolution | Trivandrum | Mar Ivanios College
Event Details
  • Start Date
    March 15, 2018
  • End Date
    March 17, 2018
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    Mar Ivanios College Trivandrum
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