Empneo 1.0

IEEE MEC SB in association with KSCSTE, Maker village and Fablab is conducting Empneo 1.0, a state level program for High School and Higher Secondary School students. The two day event which will be held on 29th and 30th of July 2017 will comprise of a science fair followed by a Fablab visit and a series of talks and workshops by eminent personalities from the technical sphere.

The highlight event of Empneo 1.0 will be INDRIYA, a science fair for the participants.

Workshops, talks and cultural night for the students

Electronics workshop

“It’s time to take a peek into the world of semiconductors ! At an age where universities feed a novice with all the higher harmonics of the subject right from day one , we’ll help you get the fundamental tone of it and forge a lead in the field of Electronics before you move into your college phase of education ! The Electronics workshop at Empneo, helps lay a strong foundation on the rudiments of the subject and gain a good command over the technical aspects of various electronic components. A sound knowledge of the elementary principles is always a good start to a flawless sail in any sphere of Science! Electronics is not merely being able to tell apart a transistor from a resistor . At the workshop, we teach right from level one – understanding the internal structure and working of electronic components and then incorporate it with a hands-on training session where each participant will build practical circuits using the components about which they’ve just learnt.”

Science toy making

“Grab the biggest opportunity in town to dig deep into the fundamental principles of Science through a hands-on experience! From Newton’s laws of motion to conservation of mass,momentum and energy and to their counterparts in fluid mechanics, Science Toy making throws light on the very basics of Science through hands-on sessions. The workshop aims to make students relish the beauty of laws of Science that they’ve perhaps mugged up for exams or class tests, in detail. Every participant shall make a toy upon demonstration , understand the principles that govern it’s working and connect it to the laws they’ve learnt at schools. Going beyond textbooks, touching all those stepping stones which we all have probably missed out on the big leap, we intend to help young minds fortify their knowledge of the basics, edify and nurture a love for the subject, which is nothing but the quintessence of perfect Science learning ! ”

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