Dyuthi, the ultimate technical-cultural extravaganza conducted by the Government Engineering College Thrissur, is a stage where all the best fragments shall unite and flourish! A flaming gala of diverse talents, exhibits, entertainment and knowledge, this is something a techie mustn’t dare strike out from his/her event calendar!

Prepare for a test of your knowledge on everything under the sun through “Quizzards of Oz” – an open general quiz conducted by K V Sreeram.

A barbarian combat in a modern guise, a fight for survival is what you reach at. This is no Child’s play, but rather a game of thrones, where the winner keeps all. Do you believe you have it in you to lead the way? Do you believe you have nothing to lose? Set in an arena like the times of ye ole, battle out your wits and cunning, and prove your ability to lead the others to your tune, as DYUTHI 17 awaits you with Gladiator, the best manager. So you think you’re a leader? Then, now is the opportunity to prove it and make a reward out of it.

Hone the technocrat within you. GEC presents for the first time a blend of debate and paper presentation that you have never seen before. Hassle your innovative ideas with your fellow catalysts and imbibe the essence of technocracy.

Consider yourself to be the ultimate hunter? If you’re up for an adrenaline _pumping, gruelling treasure chase, you’ve come to the right place. Solve your clues and see where they take you_like they say, ‘X marks the spot’!.

On the scariest night of Dyuthi are you brave enough to free yourselves from the dungeon running against the time? Can your valour encrypt the allegory that the great arc of GEC is connotating and breakoff the ghastly chain? Evince your spirit your dauntlessness Captives in a cavern : 4

Every individual is entitled to their own opinions. The question is, what if when your view is challenged? Do you believe yourself capable of arguing your side of the coin? To blow your opponent to smithereens with mere words, here is the opportunity to put that silver tongue of yours to work and argue your way through to 9K worth prizes this DYUTHI` 17 at Government Engineering College Thrissur

Got a grudge against something? Do you have the guts to face real challenges? Unleash yourself… Get your wild side out of you! Be a Roadie at GEC and take the road to glory! An experience of a lifetime is awaiting you.
Dyuthi presents ROADIES.
Dyuthi 17 believes in breaking stereotypes!! If you have a breath taking idea,a simple effective innovation ..then here is your stage to bring it to the lime light . Be daring enuf to say ur gdbyes to old school paper presentations and slide shows. With your creative talents you wouldn’t need them. This event is all about bring your ideas to life through a poster

Speed !!! Speed !!! Speed !!! In this world of over lasting competition , speed is the world, Blasting through your awe inspiring pace.” One, who falls behind is left behind “, So pack your bags and pump your bots cause it’s get , set and Go!!!
Sharpen your weapons and gather your shields, for the Great War is here. Conquer the arena with your bot, and become a legend for the years to come. The strength and agility of your gladiator will be pitted against the best, and the only rule of nature will prevail- the survival of the fittest
Line following is on the most popular robotic competitions in the worlds. The task for line following robots is to drive through the track marked with a black line as fast as possible.
Ever wanted to feel the power of driving a monster truck?Does your heart beat rush up after hearing the voice of an engine?come an build your own beast machine at MAD MAX.We give you an opportunity to build your own ultimate all terrain machines and prove your beast against other racers on the track of MAD MAX.Get your gears up and hit the road to survive the ultimate off road challenge …..MAD MAX


Where Speed is god, and Skill is worship,
Dyuthi 2K17”Blur”, a multiplayer gaming challenge that tests the gamer within you. Battle against other players on an ultimate challenge of motor control skills, where a single mistake can lead to a shameful defeat. Come test your abilities and win awesome prizes and winner’s glory.
2.Counter strike
Brace yourself for the a furious showdown between terrorists and counter terrorists in fast paced and highly competitive matches of CS GO at Dyuthi ’17. Prizes included for top players.

Whether an amateur or a seasoned veteran, FIFA 15′s a fantastic game of football for you. Everything looks and feels more life-like; thanks to the power of the new Ignite Engine, enhancing the experience with astounding players and living stadiums. Perfect your strategies and engage in exciting matches in the classic computer based football game to become the new armchair in FIFA 15 world.
Come, be a part of this exciting tournament and you might be the maestro we are searching for…:

Buckle up, Hit the gas, earn the right to the most wanted

Mechanical and production
1.Junkyard war
The stage is set for you to unravel your creativity and technical craftmanship. Let’s show off the engineer in you transforming into a real magician. Create working models from the given pile of junk. Junkyard will test your ability to make use of every resource available in an optimized manner under time constraint. Lets join a quest to find gems from the junkyard.
2.Auto Quiz
Revv up your engines.. It’s gonna be an exhilarating ride..Test your auto quotient at “Auto quiz”

When men gets imbibed into machines and get divided by them. How well can you overcome the ecstacy of machines. How well do you know them. Team up to face the challenging tasks on engines and machines
Pro engineer.


Nothing in the built world captures the mind like skyscrapers. Behind every soaring tower stands a civil engineer with courageous vision and enough engineering knowledge. Have you ever wondered how scaffoldings are made? Here is a chance for you to pull out the courageous engineer inside you. Be the builder of the tallest and strongest scaffolding. Come along and grab the heights. Speed is all what it matters.

It’s a known fact that civil engineers have an affinity to concrete that could easily be proclaimed as an even better story than twilight. Concrete gets our attention like nothing else does. Time may pass; materials far more sustainable may emerge. Yet, concrete will always hold a special place in our hearts as a result of its strength, resilience and reliability. This dyuthi we present to you an opportunity to showcase the strength of concrete sky-high. Presenting Qbesto, the cube strength competition which aims to find the Hulk among your concrete cubes. Keep calm and get casting!

Lego War is a combo task where you’re accomplished to go through a Treasure Hunt with the task of finding out materials by unlocking clues provided so as to pass onto the next task of building a stable structure with the materials so found.
A logical thinker, A problem solver , A team player, A tech savey….. We the ENGINEERS…
For those creative brains who think they have the potential to build a bridge, here awaits a challenge for you………
This DYUTHI’17, we present you an oppurtunity To Explore,To Design, To Construct….
Presenting u *”TWIG & TRESTLE”* which aims at constructing bridges and to find the strongest among the same….
keep your fingers crossed and let’s DYUTHI!!!


Ready to pay the bills? Then Voltland yard is here to challenge your electrical and electronics skill. Here you work in groups of three cracking circuit based puzzles which makes even the best think thrice. Use your teamwork to navigate the voltland yard, collecting points for the final test. The ultimate test of wits.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves generation of waveforms on CRO. Do you have a true engineer in you? Can you develop waveforms on CRO in the given time with the given components? Then this is for you. The world of waveforms awaits you at Dyuthi 2017 with TARANG. You just need the right components!
We judge people based only on their skills. Be there to join us on the Big day!
Circuitrix is a technical event in which the knowledge in electronics of the participants are tested with a series of designing and implementing tasks.The participants are asked to design circuits for a given problem statement and implement them in the most efficient way possible.
Revtronics is a technical event which tests the basic knowledge in debugging circuits and designing/ simulation. The event consists of 3 rounds; a preliminary round ,followed by a circuit debugging round.
3rd round will test your skills in designing / simulation(any one)
5.Raiders Of The Lost Amp
Have what it takes to outwit a bunch of electro-lunatics? Ever wondered what being a hero means ? Catch the golden chance to be the Raiders Of The Lost Amp . Find your way through the maze of electrical circuits and brainstorming puzzles. Make it through and who knows what you will find on the other side.


Can you read between the lines? Can you think outside the box? Do you have the willpower to bend the obstacles and make your own way?? Alc’amaze brings you OBSCURE where you can expose yourself to the weirdest situations and scenarios ……Find your way in and through! Be the best of all! Grab the treasure for yourself! It is never the destination that is the real deal! It’s the journey!!

The event that spans across multiple disciplines of engineering like mechanical, automobile ad chemical engineering, along with a bend of pure science. CHEM CRUZ certainly is a test of your engineering capabilities. Designing and building a car powered entirely by a chemical reaction would put your inner engineer to a true test of teamwork and passion.

Remember Newton’s third law? What about applying it? …Yep …it’s time to sour as high as we can. All you need is a passion for the freedom of the sky and some creativity. Complete with your water powered rocket. Department of chemical engineering GEC Thrissur presents aqua galactico.

“Dont let your voice sound like all other noises today…..be loud, be clear”..
To have knowledge is one thing….to use it to your need is another.
Do u think u can pour out your ideas and thoughts?
Make your points clear and precise?
Then here is your ticket to challenge yourself, to prove your oratory skills and make a difference
2. Act Mono
It’s difficult to walk in someone else’s shoes and only few could master the trade.What fuels entertainment is the laughter that keeps the artist alive as well as the audience go wild.If sheer imitation skills and pure grit are your second skin , then tickle everyone’s funny bones and have them at splits in Dyuthi’s Act Mono.
3.Yin Yang
2 extremities.2 worlds.The duo. Discover what all illusions the duality holds.Delve deeper into the chaos of yin to discover the balance of yang.Discover the hues of the Anti in this delusive event of yin and yang.
Turn the negative into a radiant vibe and announce yourself the master of the Dwaitha.
• Introducing participants to the yin,a negative image is provided to all participants.
• Participants are required to redraw the image and develop the negative into an enthralling piece within the specified time limit.
4.Flash Fiction
• From an elementary thread,the participant is required to weave his/her own story.
• At definite intervals,a new thread will be given and the participants are required to change or remodel the story.
• The participants are required to construct the completed story within a specified time limit.
• The genre will be fantasy.

• In this dynamic sketching event, all participants are randomly assigned a spot in the college where events are being held.
• Every participant is required to sketch the dynamic scenery around them within the time limit.
• The decision of the judges is final.


Music is the soul of the universe and gives wings to the mind. To some it may be therapy or just a pastime. To others it’s the sheer passion that drives them every day. They thrive on the beats like blood through their veins. Drown out all the noise and prove your mettle. Hit the right notes to win this battle!

Acting is too mainstream, so let’s overact! Explore and exaggerate your acting skills. Make the crowd say ‘omg, erratic!!’.Fun guaranteed. Flip the normie in you .Be the best overactor.

When you elevate your audience from the floor with the vibes you make with your groves, ZERO GRAVITY lets you move with your own track in the first round and then demands you for a spot choreo in the second round. If you believe your body can grove with the track, push keys hard and confirm your entries for ZERO GRAVITY the solo dance challenge. LET’S SET DYUTHI ON FIRE….

Dyuthi stage is set for your crew to mesmerize the audience with your graceful scintillating performances… Make sure your crew has a minimum of 5 members. Use of fire, powders or similar substances that may hinder the performances of other crews will not be entertained. The decision of the judges will be final and we believe that the crew follows the discipline, a dancer should follow. Get set to radiate your vibes in Thrissur… Let’s footloose… Let’s DYUTHI !!!!!!!!

Go on a bet with death on Labyrinth, an online treasure hunt competition. Solve puzzles, answer riddles and complete every challenge to beat the devil of death.

Alankarna is a fashion based event where in we expect participants to use their full potential to be inventive with the little yet versatile materials provided.This modelling-face art fusion has to be based on a fresh and off-center theme that shall justify one’s handicraft!


13 Challenging levels in your smartphone, the fastest completion of which guarantees you lucrative prizes if you aren’t dead already from the excruciating pain we are gonna give you through your dearest smartphone ! Come TRACK DOWN this Dyuthi ’17!

All you need are your smartphone and an Internet connection. This game is not for the masters of some domain, it is just about using your smartphone wisely. Check what you have learned after all those years of smartphone usage!
NB: Participants must be present inside the college premise during the event.


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