Dhwani 18

Dhwani, the cultural extravaganza of CET has always carved a very special niche for itself by being the most sought after cultural fest in the state. Be it the enthusiastic crowd or the scintillating performances, Dhwani never fails to make its mark. Nurturing creativity and appreciating the hidden talents, at the same time standing for a social cause, every Dhwani is a defining experience for the spectators as well as organizers.
Founded in 1939 during the reign of the Travancore King, Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, commonly known as CET, is the first Engineering college in Kerala. Since inception, CET continues to maintain its excellence in technical education and research in the state. CET has been ranked 47 in Outlook Magazine’s list of top 100 Engineering Colleges in India 2016. The immense pool of talents and an insiring vision to realize, the 78 year long journey of CET was not limited in the technical arena alone. Apart from renowned engineers and bureaucrats, the college also gave birth to numerous musicians, artists and filmmakers who make their alma mater proud every day.




1. Reverberation (80k)
2.unplugged (25k)
3.Dhwani Idol (6k)
4.western Solo (8k)
5.Classical Music (6k)
7.Acapella (6k)


1.Short film festival (50k)
2.Street Theatre (15k)
3.Mime (10k)
4.Impromptu (9k)
5.Mimicry (8k)
6.monoact (8k)


1.Chess (20k)
2.Football (15k)
3.Volleyball (15k)
4.Cricket (13k)
5.Table tennis (12k)
6. Badminton (10k)


1.Choreonite (60k)
2.Demo dance (20k)
3.D streets (10k)
4.Dance off (8k)
5.Step up (4k)
6.webster (3k)

Carpe Dictum

1.Parliamentary Debate (6k)
2.panchatantram (6k)
3. English jam (4k)
4.Malayalam jam (4k)
5.Poetry slam (4k)
6.The scoop (4k)
7.Blank page (4k)
8.Shipwreck (4k)
9.Haiku (1.5k)
10.Humans of Dhwani (1.5k)


1.Valentino (60k)
2.The Dhwani Quiz (12k)
3.Wits,Guts and Glory (10k)
4.Toque Blanche (10k)

Get ready to be shaken to your cores, with the insane set of events and shows lined up just for you.
Antara – Music Festival
Dionysia – Theatrics and Film Festival
Nadanta – Dance Festival
Carpe Dictum – Literary Festival
Khelotsav – Sports Festival
and Miscelaneo.

Website: http://dhwanicet.org/


CET Dhwani 2018 Tvm | Cultural Event | Event List | This March 16,17 and 18


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  • Start Date
    March 16, 2018
  • End Date
    March 18, 2018
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    College of Engineering Trivandrum
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