Caligo with a tag line “Let Your Calibre rule” is the Management Fest of MIIM,Kuttikanam.

1. IMMORPHUS [Best Manager (PG Event)]

Tijo Varghese [email protected] 9526185841
Ann Treesa John [email protected] 9947944034
Rohit K Babu [email protected] 9538538129

An event tailor made to test your mettle in every craft and skill that makes a manager, manager. Competitors shall face grueling sessions to overcome challenges from every aspect of management-from finance to marketing, strategy to operations, systems to HR. Only the best shall achieve the crowning glory…

2. FINANCEONS [Finance Game (PG Event)]

Rince Reji [email protected] 8086531402
Linta Mary Cherian [email protected] 9497551650
Gopika S [email protected] 9497183081

If curiosity is your watch word and finance runs through your veins, this is the context to showcase your financial skills. It tests your grasp over the financial world. Great minds love to be challenged. And they don’t miss an opportunity when destiny comes knocking at their doors. FINANCEONS is definitely one of the opportunities that challenge your limits.


Jerin Paul [email protected] 9544115609
Ammu Tessa Mathew [email protected] 9496587647

It’s an event meant to identify and develop the reasoning ability of an individual and the group by which they get to solve an issue. The rounds associated are meant to enlighten the capabilities and to identify how well people can present something confidently without compromising their caliber. This in turn enables individual to perform well under any circumstance.

4. LYD MERCATO[Marketing Game (PG Event)]

Freddy J Vayalil [email protected] 8281783367
Amitha Mol Jose [email protected] 8281909351
Chinnu Susan Chacko [email protected] 952673052

Marketing is everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. Even the small tasks like writing thank-you letters, playing golf with a prospective client and meeting with a past client for coffee can be thought of as marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing is to match a company& its products and services to the people who need and want

them, thereby ensuring profitability. Marketing is an important skill for students to learn, regardless of what field of study or work they are hoping to pursue. Games can be the most helpful way to really show students what marketing is all about. In this event, we intend to bring out your marketing talents and aid you to think outside the box by promoting your ideas. This event will give you some fun and engaging activities to help you learn about marketing.


5. IMPRESSARIO [Business Plan (PG Event)]

Sanu Abraham [email protected] 9048166535
Ditty Mol Devasia [email protected] 9496321802

To bring out the new enterprising business and social ideas from the participants having innovative ideas which are technically feasible, commercially viable and socially relevant. A platform to define who you are, describe your business and make your theories into practice.

6. ZIET FREANDE [Best Buddies (UG Event)]

Tijo Joseph [email protected] 9746715672
Gintu Mary Eapen [email protected] 9946099072
Nina Ann Simon [email protected] 9495767900

A person who makes good relations and plan all the transactions of the day according to the time and follow that plan, which carries a thread that will guide throughout of his busy life. That’s a good manager.

7. OBTURATEUR [Photography (UG Event)]

Revathy S [email protected] 7025447364

The history has produced some incredible images that have stood the test of time. The acute insights in to the creative process of photography have guided generations, shape the way even today’s generations think about their subjects. Be a leader in capturing the world through brilliant imagery.

8. EL – AVENIR [Best Management Team (UG Event)]

Arjun S [email protected] 8086461391
Minnu Gladis Kurian [email protected] 9496522296

An event to recognize the true spirit of team work and unity. We hereby provide you with an arena of corporate world where they compete for the “Esprit De Corps”.

9. AVVENTURA [Treasure Hunt (Common Event)]

Binu B Krishnan [email protected] 9947975697
Arsha Dominic [email protected] 8129445995
Shreya M Johnson [email protected] 9947347365
  • Your heart is where your treasure is, and you much find your treasure in order to make sense of everything…
  • For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…

10. QUEST TEMPO [Business Quiz (Common Event)]

Bensen Benny [email protected] 8281197233
Fathima Noushad [email protected] 9562229263
Tom Thomas [email protected] 9400967779

Come on to the field of battle where the swords and shields are the knowledge where the fight is for conquering the title of QUEST TEMPO. So come on compete in the battle of knowledge and wisdom with full enthusiasm.


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  • Start Date
    September 22, 2017
  • End Date
    September 23, 2017
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    Marian International Institute of Management Kuttikkanam
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