As a precursor to BRAHMA ’18 ASIET launches ASWAMEDHA’17.

ASWAMEDHA stand by its name and demonstrates unparallel energy, enthusiasm and brilliance. The underlying spirit of Tech fest is “to promote technology, scientific thinking and innovation” a motto that has been followed by ever since. ASWAMEDHA, a one day technical fest hosted by ASIET, will provide a platform for the students to develop and showcase their technical prowess.

It will be an arena where your technical and artistic fortitude will be meted out. The second edition of the event, will witness new and exciting events, challenging competitions and exuberance that transcends your visions. ASWAMEDHA stands as a clarion call to you all. Witness the grandeur of ASWAMEDHA again, this time bigger and better!

Workshops :
1. Internet of things
2. Photography
3. Engine Assembly

For more information and event list visit the website.

Event Details