ASEAN Quiz 2017

The ASEAN Quiz 2017 celebrates the 25th anniversary of ASEAN–India dialogue relations & aims to spread awareness of the ASEAN member states & achievements among school & college students, leading to greater understanding of the nations, their peoples & their interaction with India over the last 25 years. It will help build bridges between the India and the 10 member states, starting with the youth, so that future citizens of India are better informed about this international organization.


• The ASEAN Quiz 2017 is open to all school students of Grades 9-12 and all undergraduate students of recognised colleges, institutions, and universities in India.

• A team should comprise 3 members from the same institution (school / college / department / faculty).

• All the students in a team must be pursuing full-time study courses from the same institution. They may be pursuing different courses and may be in different years of study but they must be enrolled in the same institution.

• In the case of colleges / departments / faculties, the students of a team must be enrolled in the same college or the same autonomous university. Students from different colleges attached to an affiliated university (such as University of Delhi or GGSIPU) cannot form a team to represent either the affiliating university or any of the individual colleges that they are studying in.


The questions will cover various themes about all ten member states of ASEAN – Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia – including the following:

• Land, geography, natural features & treasures, wildlife & nature, including travel attractions & tourist destinations, cuisine as well as natural resources

• People, history & culture, arts & literature, achievements in sports, science & technology, entertainment, education, famous personalities and events

• International relations & current affairs, including ties and links with India — cultural, ethnic, political — through the years, and most specifically over the last 25 years


There will be 2 (two) levels of the contest. Level 1 will be a Written Preliminary Round, which will be attempted by all registered teams. The top 6 (six) teams will be selected on the basis of their scores for the Final Stage Round. Each team will comprise 3 (three) members only.


• All the teams that register for the quiz will participate in the written round.

• The written round will have 25 questions, including multiple choice & visual questions, projected on the stage screen.

• Teams will have about 30 minutes to complete the written round. No penalty for wrong answers.

• Special star (*) questions will be used to resolve ties on scores, if required.

• In case there is a tie even after the star (*) questions are considered, a sudden-death tiebreak will be conducted among the teams involved in the tie to select the stage finalists.


Based on the scores from the Written Preliminary Round, the top-scoring 6 (six) teams will be selected for the Final Stage Round, which will comprise 5 (five) rounds, as follows:

Round 1 Acrostic Round: interactive round; 1 question per team, no passing, differential scoring; team questions lead to the final acrostic answer, with extra points for identifying this

Round 2 Audio-Visual Round: video clues for teams; questions pass for bonus points

Round 3 Direct Oral Round: text questions on screen; questions pass for bonus points

Round 4 Country Round: Each team gets to choose a country on which they will be asked a question based on a visual still clue; questions pass for bonus points

Round 5 Buzzer Round: 8 questions on the buzzer; open to all teams; negative points for wrong answers

The QUIZ WINNER will be the team with the highest score at the end of the Final Stage Round. In case of a tie for the first two positions, a sudden-death tiebreak on the buzzer will be used to determine the winner.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    September 1, 2017
  • End Date
    September 1, 2017
  • Location
    New Delhi
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    Arya auditorium desraj campus c- block east of kailash, New Delhi
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