A little bit more about us. Like anyone cares.

The DREAM as we remember it

In the beginning . . . there was chaos, then came a loose-knit group of four. Us. As we looked around, it hit us like a tornado: Everyone is confused. There had to be a better way; we felt that in our bones. Aha!? That moment transformed us into a small team with big smiles and a humongous mission–help people find something worthwhile in life.

Growth, it seemed, was as good as any place to start. In the attic we had found an age-old map to growth, the map of opportunity was our name for it. With that our search had begun, but we were soon lost in the middle of nowhere.

Getting lost teaches you how to read a map. On the map, competitions marked the various checkpoints, we realized. However, without a compass, it could be overwhelming to move about. FestFlick would become that compass.

Our STORY as we know it

FestFlick toddled into the social world as a website, in the late hours of New Year’s Eve 2017. Most people don’t know where to find opportunities, many miss out on them, and the organizers aren’t sure how to reach an audience that shares their enthusiasm. At FestFlick, we are fascinated by opportunities–that fresh smell, those clinks & clanks, the sheer excitement it brings–and truly understand what they mean to you. So, we spend each day trying to bring together seekers and sellers, big and small, into over-the-counter relationships, sharing stories of opportunities that matter.

What started as an entrepreneurial experiment and display of our passions has quickly grown into much more. Now, FestFlick features fests, events, competitions, quizzes, talent hunts, MUNs, conferences, exhibitions, auto shows, seminars, workshops, talks, carnivals–a mouthful that gets bigger everytime anyone says it.

To sail so much valuable information across a sea of data called for more hands to work the galleys. After awhile, we realized that people can’t make it everywhere, all the time, even if that’s what they want; and an event’s legacy, its grandeur, its hearty moments remain unfelt by thousands. This reality that others may never understand what it felt like, to be a part, disturbed us.

Unless, someone decides to put out a story of the experience through a short journal entry, or a self-made video walkthrough. Since, we have also focussed on delivering such timeless experiences: experiences that are immediately compelling, but enduringly engaging. A mix of chattyMedia Persons from FestFlick (usually, a presenter & photographers), as we like to call them, soak in the vibes of an event for us.

Today, FestFlick is a growing community that speaks in opportunities; a bunch that loves to share, participate and encourage competitions that matter.